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Beauty Blender vs. Silicone Blender

What Blender is for you? Testing out the Beauty Blender vs the Silicone Blender using the same foundation, see what the coverage results below!


Beauty Blender

Silicone Blender


Beauty Blender Pro's

-Quick easy application

-Light weight

-Light to Medium coverage

-Wet Sponge is refreshing

-Great for Foundation, Concealer, Contour, Highlight & Blush!

Beauty Blender Con's


-Need to have several in your personal or professional kit

-Cleaning takes time

-Need to buy the cleanser

-Dry time (before storing) 12 hrs.

Silicone Blender Pro's


-Great coverage for blemishes

-Fits perfect around the eye area

-Quick & easy Cleaning

-You can get away with only having one in your kit!

-No makeup waist

Silicone Blender Con's

-Foundation felt heavy all over

-Difficult to blend/apply

-Only use for Foundation & Concealer

-Hard to shape

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