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Growing Out The Brows!

This week I'm giving you my tricks to make the grueling process of growing out your brows a little easier and more efficient. Hope you Enjoy!

What you will need!

1. White Eye Liner, this is for drawing out the desired shape and setting some guide lines to help you avoid over tweezing, threading, waxing, what ever you do!

2. Small Brow Razor, this step is only for people with a lot thick hair to save you some time. Do this step with CAUTION!

3. Tweezers, a good tweezer will make all the difference in the world and save you time! I prefer Tweezerman.

4. Manicure Scissors, these are for trimming long unruly brow hairs. I prefer curved blades.

5. Brow Brush, or disposable mascara wands, what ever is handy.

6. Small Mirror, or magnifying mirror to help you see small fine hairs.

Other products used!

1. Fluffy Brush, to dust away loose hairs.

2. Cotton Ball, to wipe away the white eye liner.

3. Beauty Blender, to apply foundation.

4. Foundation, cover any redness from the hair removal process.

5, ColorPop Brow Pencil, to fill in areas of thin hair that your trying to grow in!

6. Benefit Gimme Brows, brow mascara and hair fiber in one. This gives fine hairs in the thinner areas fulness and helps make the grow look more natural after you fill in with a brow pencil.

7. Kelly Baker Brow Highlight Pencil, not only does it highlight under your brows to make the look clean and sharp but it also conceals any stray hairs!

8, Flat Blending Brush, for blending in you KBB highlight and concealer.

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