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Prepping Your Hair

Instructions & Products:

OUAI Soft Mousse - Mid Strand through ends on damp hair.

NU.ME Blow Dryer & Diffuser - Dry mid strand through ends with Diffuser. Dry roots without the Diffuser.

Moroccan Oil Treatment Oil - Through out dry hair.

OUAI Wave Spray - Spray through out hair for texture and to set curls.

Section Hair and twist into a bun to enhance your curls. Smaller sections for smaller tighter curls and larger sections for larger curls/waves. Secure bun with a hair pin NOT a bobby pin, bobby pins with create weird creases through out the curl hair pins will not!

Moroccan Oil Medium Hair Spray - Also to help set the the bun to create curls.

Remove buns and separate the twists. Shake out your hair really well to separate curls and get rid of any parts in your hair.

OUAI Texture Spray - Through out the hair to separate and give texture!

NU.ME 5in1 Wand Set - Tapered attachment. Only curl straight pieces showing on the top! Alternate curling hair toward and away from your face, to give a textured messy look.

OUAI Finishing Cream - Gently run over the top of your hair and ends, this will help tame frizz!

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