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The Importance of Facials

Every time one of my clients, family or friends ask me about what they can use or do to help clear there skin the first thing I always ask is when was the last time they got a facial? I understand regular facials can be pricey, however taking care of your skin keeps you looking younger longer which will save you money in other places. Such as the amount of makeup you use/buy, trying new skincare/acne products, laser treatments and botox. Yes regular facial can help all of these!

When I finally found an esthetician I loved, I went every six weeks to two months depending on my breakouts, to try to get my skin under control, and as I saw my skin improving I stretched out my visits. Now I go every three to four months, roughly at the end of every season, and my skin has improved so much! When you consider how often you get your hair done, nails done, go to the gym, go to the dentist and the doctors. Its all for your health and your appearance, don't you think your skin needs some of that love too?

Extractions, the scariest part of a facial, yet the most important! And NO picking your own pimples is not the same, its actually causing more breakouts from the dirt and bacteria on your hands and underneath your nails getting into your pores, its is also damaging your pores making them larger and easier to clog again! Masks, the at home masks are great, however an esthetician is going to analyze your skin and give you a mask your skin actually needs. Massage, it's just for pampering yourself, right? Wrong! Its great for your skin, promotes lymphatic drainage (getting rig of toxins in your skin) and circulation which gives you that youthful glow! Exfoliation, scrubs are great to use on a regular basis but professional strength exfoliation tool really removes all of your dead skin cells, leaving your skin feels baby soft!

Not just any facial! It's important to research your esthetician and spa and not just go to the cheapest facial you can find on Yelp. Read the reviews! They need to use good products, be sanitary and know how to properly do extractions. Redness is normal but if reviews say that extractions were so intense they scabbed or scared, Do Not Go There! Having sensitive skin I prefer to go to herbal or natural spa's, they use natural products and tend to be more gentle with your skin while still getting the job done.

Here are two estheticians that I Highly Recommend!

Orange County area; Delora's Herbal Skin Care

Los Angeles/Valley area; Purity Organic Spa

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