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No false lashes are not just for elaborate "Glam" looks. When I'm working on set or with my clients I use false lashes for almost every beauty makeup I do, it really is the key to making your eyes pop! However the traditional strip lash isn't always appropriate for your look. Thats why there are so many different types of false lashes. Here is a break down of when to use what type of lash.

Individual Lashes

These are great for people who have small or sensitive eyes, because you customize them to fit the eye perfectly and tend to feel lighter traditional strip lashes that can sometimes feel heavy. Individual Lashes are also great because you can make them look very natural or keep layering for a more dramatic look. Applying individual lashes on yourself can be difficult because they are so small, however the Individual Trio is much easier to use on yourself. I prefer to apply these lashes with a tweezer for more control and use the applicator to push the lashes into the natural lash line.

Accent Lashes

These are my personal favorite, I use them all the time. They are comfortable, look natural, quick and easy to apply! Accent lashes are one of the newer false lash options, before you would take a traditional strip lash, cut it in half and trim the length to taper, shorter on the inside to longer on the outside. These just make it more convenient and match better.

Strip Lashes

There are so many options for strip lashes! The Demi Wispies from Ardell are my personal favorite because they fit my eye perfectly and don't look too dramatic on me. I have my favorite false lashes that i use for my self and a larger variety for work. I think the best way to find "your lashes" is trial and error, buy several different ones; see if it fits your eye, how the length and spacing looks with your natural lashes and how dramatic you like them.

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