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Night Time Moisturizing Routine

The importance of moisturizing before going to bed, is over looked by a lot of people but so important to keeping "young" tight wrinkle free skin! People who have oily skin tend to age slower, now have as many wrinkles, this is because their skin is always hydrated from the oils their skin naturally produce. If you have normal to dry skin its very important to make sure your skin stays moisturized while you sleep to help slow down the wrinkling process. Keep soft hydrated skin all year round!

PIXI Rose Oil Blend

My Skin tends to go dry at night so I like to use this Rose Oil on my face because is last all night and it smells amazing! Its in expensive and a little goes a long way one to two drops is enough to moisturize my face, neck and chest.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

For those who the oil is too much and just want something light, this spray is everything! Nice soft smell, lightly moisturizes skin and is so refreshing. I use this spray for everything, before i go to the gym, before i up makeup on, if my skin feels dry I use it over make up and of course when I want something lighter before I go to bed.

Mario Badescu Ceramic Herbal Eye Cream

This eye cream is a heavier eye cream but it makes your skin so soft, hydrated and brightens your under eye. I use this eye cream day and night.

Smith's Rosebud Salve Balm

This chap stick is heaven, its the only chap stick I have ver tried that doesn't eventually dry my lips out! I even put it on my skin when it gets chapped.

Coconut Body Butter-Trader Joe's

I tried this body butter on my hands at first and it made them so soft. I switched my normal lotion for this body butter, since I have sensitive skin I was hesitant, but I never had a reaction. Now I use this every night and it keeps my skin moisturized all night.

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