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Glam Brows


1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express: This palette comes with Brow Stencils, to help reshape your brows. Synthetic Angle Brush, perfect for using the wax with powder to make a cream. Brow Wax, can be used with the powders to make a more intense look and helps tame unruly brow hairs. Powder Highlights, this palette comes with two a matte for under the entire brow and a shimmer for just under the arch of your brow. And of course Brow Colors, a lighter color for creating shape and a darker color for creating depth. $39.50

The Express Palette is perfect for personal use, the Brow Pro Palette is perfect for my fellow Professional Makeup Artist! $88.00

2. Morphe Brush MB29: Angles Brush is perfect for powder brow colors and the spool on the opposite side is for combing through brows and softening lines. $2.99

3. NYX Brow Mascara: Great for making unruly hairs lay down as well as making your eye brow hairs look fuller. $7.00

4. Kelly Baker Brow Highlighter: Makes your brow pop as well as conceals stray hairs. $22.00

5. Morphe Brush B41:The flat top and stiff brush hairs helps blend brow highlighter. $1.99

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