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Coconut Coffee Scrub

This Coconut Coffee Scrub is my favorite body scrub! The coffee exfoliates while the oils moisturizes your skin, and as a added bonus the coffee makes your bathroom smell amazing! Since I have such sensitive skin I try to find products to us on my skin that don't have too many chemicals or perfumes and there is no better way to make sure of that then to make is your self. The benefits of using coffee as an exfoliant is that the caffeine from the coffee can improve circulation, temporarily reduction of cellulite, has anti-inflammatory and smooth skin. Coconut Oil as well as being very moisturizing is a natural antibacterial. I usually use Vitamin E Oil instead of Almond Oil because Vitamin E Oil helps heal scars and can help with stretch marks but when I run out I use Almond Oil because it is rich in Vitamin E so your still getting the benefits.

What you will need:


Coconut Oil

Vitamin E Oil or Almond Oil

Air tight container for storage

Coffee grinder if you buy whole bean coffee

STEP 1: Grind coffee beans, if you buy ground coffee skip this step.

STEP 2: Melt Coconut Oil, Stove Top- Place jar of coconut oil in boiling water and let oil melt or Microwave- Melt jar of coconut oil 20 to 30 seconds at a time till melted.

STEP 3: In a bowl mix ground coffee and a small amount of coconut oil, add more coconut oil in small amounts to avoid making it runny. You still want some dry coffee grounds.

STEP 4: Add Vitamin E Oil or Almond Oil till the rest of the coffee grinds are saturated but not runny.

STEP 5: Store in an air tight container.

STEP 6: On wet skin rub coconut coffee scrub into skin and let sit for a few minutes.

*Normal Skin: Rinse scrub and finish with body wash.

*Dry Skin: Rinse scrub and pat dry, No need for moisturizer!

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