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Cleaning Out Your KIT!

Yes… makeup can go bad! Surprisingly I get that question all the time. If you have had a product for 5 years or longer it’s definitely time to say goodbye and replace it. This could be the answer to skin care issues, as well as be the reason the products are not working as well as they used to. If it hasn’t been that long, one way to tell if a product has gone bad in both powders and liquids is if the color has changed by looking duller or splotchy. For liquids, if you see that the product has separated or if you shake it and it sounds more watery then it should go. This applies to hair products as well. For powders, you can tell by looking at it: if it looks dehydrated and lumpy or if it loses some pigment then it should go. These are all signs that its time to refresh your makeup kit.

Another thing to keep in mind is bacteria in your makeup, created by dirt and oils from your skin. If your makeup comes from a pump there isn’t anything to worry about, but anything that you dip into with a makeup brush after it has touched your skin or if it directly touches your skin, can have this problem. That’s why it’s important to avoid sharing makeup. It’s also important to keep your make up clean: you can spray powders with 99% alcohol to disinfect your makeup and it won’t harm or change your makeup at all because the alcohol will completely evaporate and kill bacteria. I recommend doing this when you are sick to avoid spreading your germs and getting sick again. It is also great to clean your blending palette, palette knife and eyelash curler with 99% alcohol. And of course make sure your cleaning your makeup brushes and beauty blenders all the time!

What's In My Professional KIT?

What's In My Personal KIT?

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