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Beauty Blender Cleaning

If you have watched one of my other makeup tutorials, you have heard me talk about the Beauty Blenders. It is my absolute favorite tool for applying foundation, blending your contour and highlight. It's amazing and if you do not have one I highly recommend them!

As amazing as they are, just like makeup brushes you need to wash them constantly to avoid bacteria breeding in your blender that could cause break outs. I clean my personal Beauty Blenders once a week, or after my third time using it in one week I switch to a clean one. Beauty Blender has two different cleansers for cleaning your blenders, a Solid Cleanser and a Liquid Cleanser. I personal prefer the solid cleanser over the liquid cleanser because I feel like you go through the liquid cleanser much faster then the solid cleanser. However I do like to use the liquid for the mu blenders a really dirty; I let them soak in warm water for a minute then rub the liquid cleanser into it and let it sit for another minute to let the soap really get into the blender for a better clean. Watch below for a quick tutorial on how to clean your blender using both the Solid Cleanser and the Liquid Cleanser. ENJOY!

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