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Yes the OUAI products are as good as they say they are! They are a little pricey, however most good quality hair care is. Their prices are equivalent to buying hair products in a salon and in my opinion work better. You can get these OUAI products at the links below as well as in stores at Sephora.

The Wave Spray is my favorite “Beach Wave” product for getting the right texture for beachy waves without the crunchiness that most beach wave or salt sprays give you. You can spray it in damp hair and let it air dry or my favorite would be to spray it in damp hair and blow dry with a diffuser to really bring out your natural waves.

The Texture Spray is my favorite OUAI product and a staple in my hair kit! It smells amazing and is perfect for almost any hairstyle. Texture sprays are great for breaking up your hair and giving it texture. Whether your hair is curled or straight, it gives that perfectly messy yet still soft and beautiful look. It is a light hold, so it’s not stiff by any means but it does help your hair hold the style, whatever that style is.

The Finishing Cream is perfect to use as a thermal protector. Apply to damp hair to protect your hair from the damage those blow dryers and other hot tools cause. It is also great for after you have styled your hair or let it air dry and your ends are looking a little thirsty: it’s like lotion for your hair!

NU-ME Styling tools are my new favorite. I started with the 5-in-1 curling wand set and fell in love! For these beach waves I used the attachment that tapers 1 inch to ½ inch. The dryer is the Signature Dryer with the Diffuser attachment. You can get these at the link above, as well as get $50 off your first purchase.

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