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Just Natural Acne Face & Body

Body Acne. As unpleasant as it sounds it’s not that uncommon, especially for people who work out a lot. The Just Natural Acne Face & Body Wash is my favorite wash for preventing and getting rid of breakouts on my back. Luckily I only have issues in the sports bra area from working out, but my boyfriend does have problems with back-acne and when I finally got him to start using this wash it made a huge difference in his skin! I personally do not use this on my face very often because it is a strong acne product and tends to dry out my sensitive skin. I use this on my back 3 to 4 times a week or after I go hiking. However, my boyfriend doesn’t have sensitive skin and he uses this wash every day on his back as well as his face.

I love Just Natural products. I have posted about other products from them because it’s very hard to find good quality, genuinely natural products that work and don’t cost an arm and a leg! I have tried several of their skincare products on myself as well as my boyfriend, who has very different skin than me, and we have both noticed a huge difference in our skin and neither of us have had an issue with any of the products.

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