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Removing Makeup

The Makeup Eraser and Simple Micellar Water are my favorite products for removing my make up because they don’t irritate my eyes from the continuous rubbing or the chemicals! If you have sensitive skin you know the struggle of makeup removers making your eyes red, swollen, burning, etc. This is because the skin around your eyes is very thin and the constant rubbing everyday takes away a layer of skin,which allows the chemicals and perfumes used in makeup removers to get into your skin because it doesn’t have that extra barrier of skin to protect your eyes. I stopped using makeup removers for awhile, just using face wash to take my makeup off. However I felt like I was using so much more product then normal, it took forever to feel like my face was clean and I never felt like I got my mascara completely off. This is really bad for your eye lashes because the pores that your lashes grow out of can't breathe so your lashes won't grow at the rate that they should and the product clogging your pores can cause an infection.

The Makeup Eraser is awesome because you just wet it with warm water and it does a great job taking your face makeup off. However it needs a little help with eye makeup and matte lipsticks. That’s where the Simple Micellar Water saves the day. You don’t need much at all and it practically melts off any makeup, including waterproof products. This is with minimal rubbing, so your eyes don’t get irritated and the Simple brand was made for people with sensitive skin, so there are no perfumes and the ingredients are SIMPLE!

The Makeup Eraser is a little pricey, but if you consider how much you spend in makeup remover wipes or even the large cotton pads, as well as how many you have to use a day and that they are not reusable, chances are that the investment will save you money. For me, even having several Makeup Erasers was the “Greener” option, which is important to me, but it has also proven to be cost effective. The Simple Micellar Water is very inexpensive and a bottle lasts me forever because of how I use it with my Makeup Eraser. They also have this product in wipes, which I like for traveling, but hands down the Simple Micellar Water Makeup Eraser combination works the BEST!

You can find the Simple Micellar Water in stores at: Target, Ralphs, CVS, Walgreens and RiteAide

You can find the Makeup Eraser in stores at: Sephora, Naimies, Nigels and Frends

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