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MARIO BADESCU Skin Care Routine

www.MarioBadescu.comUrban OutfittersI have been using the Mario Badescu Skin Care line for a few months, and so far I love it! My skin feels and looks so much better! There are no harsh dyes or smells and the products are good quality and affordable. As I have mentioned in my other posts, I have very sensitive and acne-prone skin, which pretty much means I usually have to choose to take care of my sensitive skin or my acne. However, this line lets me take care of both! They have a large variety of products that make it easy to customize to fit almost any skin type. If you go to . Which I love that I was able to find the travel size to test out if I liked it or if my skin was going to have a bad reaction to it before committing to a larger size. Then you also have the travel size bottles to refill for traveling., you can do a skin analysis, where you answer a few questions about your skin and they recommend the products that are best to treat your personal skin problems. I started using this line with the travel size Acne Starter Kit and Enzyme Cleanser from

Vanity Planet for over a year now, and it is one of my favorites. You will feel a difference in your skin after the first time you use it. In the Ultimate Skin Spa System you get three brush attachments; the grey bristles are softer for every day use, the black bristles are for exfoliating and a deep pore cleanse and the silicone bristles are for sensitive skin. The facial brush is a little pricey, however if you follow them on social media you can get 70% off, which is an amazing deal.I have been using the facial brush from


Cleansers: Enzyme Cleansing Gel - very gentle and calming on your skin

Acne Facial Cleanser - perfect for when you're broken out because it won't dry out your skin

Toner: Special Cucumber Lotion - helps clear breakouts

Moisturizer: Collagen Moisturizer SPF-15 - lightweight and keeps your skin hydrated without feel oily

Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF-17 - lightweight, but not as hydrating as the Collagen

Mask: Drying Mask - helps pull ever out impurities on broken-out skin

Spot Treatment: Drying Cream - similar to the drying mask, just a thicker consistency

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