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MakeUp Brush Cleaning

Taking care of your brushes is such an important part of your makeup routine, as well as your skin care routine. A lot of my clients with skin problems ask me what they should do to clear up their skin and the first thing I ask is "How often do you clean your makeup brushes?" What most people do not think about is that the oils that are on your face transfer onto your makeup brush and bacteria breeds in dark, damp places, like in-between the bristles of a makeup brush. That bacteria is then being put back on your face at least once a day, if not more, causing infections or blemishes. Cleaning your brushes once or twice a week will not only save your skin, but you will notice your makeup will apply smoother and look fresher.

For professional artists, you need to be cleaning your brushes between every clients! Not only is this for the safety of your clients, which should always be your number one concern, but your reputation as a business and an artist!

Brush Cleaners

There are so many brush cleaners out there, so if your have one that you love awesome, just make sure that it is disinfecting your brushes. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is my personal favorite, I have never had a client have a bad reaction to it. It leaves your brushes smelling like candy, easy to use and will dry completely in about 15 minutes. The prices are reasonable for a good brush cleaner and a little goes a long way, so a bottle will last you a long time. The only thing I do not like about it is that it leaves your synthetic brushes with a blue tint, but it goes away when you shampoo your brushes.

Shampooing your Brushes

Shampooing your brushes is like a mask for your brushes. It will remove build up from makeup and brush cleaners, as well as deep condition your brushes. You don't need to use a brush cleaner on your brushes first, however I prefer to shampoo brushes that I have already cleaned because brush cleaners disinfect your brushes. I use baby shampoo over makeup brush shampoos because its less then half the cost, double the product and it works the same! My favorite shampoos are Johnson's Lavender, Johnson's Natural and Honest Company Lavender. You can buy these at Target. You do not need anything more than the shampoo to clean your brushes, however the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove makes the biggest difference! It really gets in between the bristles of your brush for a better clean in half the time.

Where to Buy: Click on the underlined name of the product for a link to the site where you can find these products.

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