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Just Natural Body Nutritive Serum

I absolutely love the Body Nutritive Serum from Just Natural Skin Care for tanning when I am on vacation. It is so moisturizing without feeling greasy or sticky. I use it with a spray sunscreen and it doesn’t affect how it feels. It last a long time and I've never needed to re-apply more than once. I have normal to dry skin, so if you have really dry skin you might need to apply more, however my boyfriend has more oily skin and he loves this product as well. And to top it off it smells like a Day Spa!

I have sensitive skin so I love that there are no chemicals in there products. You can find all of there ingredients, as well as the benefits of each ingredient on the website. You get an 8oz bottle with a spray attachment for $26.99, but a little goes a long way!

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