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Hollywood Glam


On Damp hair:

-Spray Moroccan Oil Root Boost on roots; work it in with fingers like a dry Shampoo.

-Spray Ouai Wave Spray mid strand to ends.

-Part hair at mid brow or farther, for a more dramatic look.

-Set top of head with Velcro rollers; use part to separate the direction on rollers for the front, make sure to put a couple in the back for even volume. Pin in place for extra volume.

On a clean face:

-Make sure to use moisturizer then primer, these products are not one or the other they work together, moisturizer hydrates your skin while your primer helps even skin for a smooth canvas.

-Conceal problem areas; peach/salmon toned conceal under eye circles while yellow/green tones conceal red spots.

-Apply Foundation with a Beauty Blender (they are magic!)



-Anastasia Beverly Hills Express Palette

-Kelly Baker Brow Highlight Pencil


-Urban Decay Eye Primer Original

-Urban Decay Naked Basic 2 Palette

-Scotch Tape to define wing liner

TIP: Put tape on your shirt before your face to loose some stickiness to avoid irritation!

-MAC Fluid Liner

-Morphe Half Strip Lashes #307 outside corners

-DUO Strip-lash Dark Adhesive

-L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara


-Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette

-Make Up For Ever HD Powder

-Make Up For Ever Powder Contour Palette

TIP: If you have any harsh lines use your Beauty Blender, with foundation still on it, to soften lines!

-Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Opal


-Urban Decay Lip Primer Pencil

-Morphe Lip Liner (this is not a morphe product but they sell it in morphe stores)

-NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Style Hair:

-Moroccan Oil Medium Hold Hair Spray

-The Wet Brush, Shine Brush to brush out curls

TIP: If ends are dry after brushing out, run Moroccan Oil Treatment through your ends!

Where to get these products?

You can order these products directly from the company websites, or you can get most of these products from my favorite makeup stores, links under Beauty Stores.

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